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Operating Management

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The following list presents key management executives of the company.




Rick Buhay

Jose Antonio Lorenzo

Chris Vecchione



Elixir 3D, LLC Management


Rick Buhay, Vice President Logistics / Technology Implementation


Rick joined Elixir 3D as VP of Operations / Logistics with over twenty years experience in management, technology, and employee training. He handles logistics across the spectrum of media activities for Elixir 3D™.



Rick’s professional career began at a major commercial / industrial real estate company out of downtown Los Angeles as an executive assistant and quickly ascended to the Director of Operations. In that role he handled management of numerous commercial properties. In 1995, responding to his keen interest in technology, Rick accepted a position with Apple, Inc. Recognizing his exceptional management skills Apple placed Rick as Manager of their Santa Monica Apple Retail Store, the 2nd largest volume Apple store in Los Angeles and one of the ten largest volume Apple Stores in the world. Adding to Rick’s responsibilities at Apple, Inc., he became one of the key management trainers and traveled the globe opening new stores.



Through his years with Apple Rick has become keenly versed in state of the art consumer technology and its applications, a skill that serves him well at Elixir 3D™.




Jose Antonio Lorenzo, Senior Vice President / General Sales Manager, Latin America


Joe Lorenzo began his career in 1987 with Intercontinental Ship Services, Inc. in Doral, Florida. The company is a wholesale ship chandler. As an Operations Manager, he was responsible for purchasing, importing and inventory control. He implemented new channels of distribution resulting in more efficiency in distribution, delivery.


In 1993, Joe was recruited by American & Efird, Inc., one of the world’s foremost manufacturers of sewing threads and industrial yarns. A&E’s global presence extends from Asia to Europe to the Americas. A&E is a world-class company offering the finest products and services, at the highest quality, delivered anywhere. His duties as Sales Manager began in the Miami area.


In 1995 the company relocated Joe and his family to Mexico where he took over the responsibility for sales throughout a large portion of the country. He built a portfolio of 450 customers for the brand working with such industry names as Nike, GAP, Levi’s, Sears, JC Penny, American Eagle, and Wal-Mart. During his tenure Joe increased export sales by 80%, domestic sales by 20%, and further managed to guide distributors to new proposals resulting in an increase of sales by 35%.


Joe is well connected to all of Latin America. He is a US citizen and legal resident in Mexico.




Chris Vecchione, Senior Vice President / National Sales Manager

Chris has maintained the position of TOP income producer (sales) in each year and position since graduation from college, even after taking on greater roles of management along the way. A believer in long hours and dedication to the bottom line, he believes Second Place is LAST PLACE.


A steadfast believer in relationship marketing, he utilizes strong client relationships to expand the scope of the sales initiative. Coin-operated amusement and games distribution relationships built over 25 + years still produce sales and provide Chris with hundreds of potential "relationship marketers", especially in the greater Philadelphia region, but also all over the United States. As a contributing writer for several trade magazines (Replay, Playmeter, Vending Times) Chris has kept his name visible to the entire nationwide community of coin machine manufacturers, distributors, operators and locations. These locations are mostly hospitality businesses, including many chain restaurant/tavern accounts such as Burger King, McDonalds, Tilted Kilt, Dave & Busters, Friendly's, Red Robin as well as a host of bowling centers, skating rinks and other high-traffic entertainment and drinking/dining establishments.


The perceived magnitude of 3D Digital out-of-home advertising is of great appeal to Chris, who envisions utilizing his vast network of locations and industry “tradesters” to help grow the 3D business rapidly and profitably.

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